Saturday, 28 January 2017

Goldcrest return!

I had some very welcome mail waiting for me in my inbox today! It was the return information of the Goldcrest that I controlled way back in November.

Looking very healthy considering the colossal journey that it had just undertaken!

It was first ringed at Grimston, East riding of Yorkshire on the 25th of October. 19 days later on the 13th of November it had turned up at the Goss Moor, Cornwall.

A remarkable long distance movement of 312 miles! To put that into perspective it is only 123 miles from the Goss Moor to the shores of France, with Nantes actually being closer in a straight line!

All of this from a bird that weighs less than 6 grams, it never fails to amaze me that such a tiny bird can travel such incredible distances.................

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