Monday, 8 January 2018

Dippers at Respryn

Somewhat inspired by a recent BBC nature program on Dippers I spent a couple of hours today watching these stunning birds go about their lives. It seems that Dippers start to Sing and display quite early in the season. The 2 birds I saw today where very preoccupied in various displays and sang throughout the morning as they chased each other up and down the river. I was surpised at how large their territory was as I followed them along the river ,I would estimate at least 1/2 mile.

I had also visited Respryn to check the Hornbeam tree's for Hawfinch but today I was out of luck. However several Marsh Tits, Treecreepers and Nuthatches kept me entertained but sadly the gloomy light wasn't much good for photography. I spent the rest of the day on Siblyback and Colliford Lakes, catching up with the female Scaup that me and Rachel found in November, the long staying Lesser Scaup and some interesting Gulls including Yellow-Legged and Caspian Gull.

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