Friday, 27 March 2020

Chough Junior Bird Name Quiz Part 2

1) A 'Flirty Fleer' aptly describes this boldly marked yet elusive winter Thrush as it often flies away from you uttering a loud 'chack chack' ?

2) Now we'd all like an 'Emmet Hunter' in Cornwall! It is in fact an old name for our only migrant and very cryptic Woodpecker?

3) Now I've certainly never called my girlfriend this! I hope you haven't either! Because a 'Devils Bitch' is actually the Yorkshire name for this sickle shaped summer migrant, do you know it's name?

4) ' Cu Shat' is an old Scottish name for this rather common and certainly plump pigeon species, can you guess which one it is?

5) Did you know that the 'Crutch Tail' is an Essex term for this elegant once threatened with extinction raptor? Which raptor is it though?

6) This one makes me wince! A 'Willy Wicket' is in fact an old Northern term for this delightful bobbing wader of upland rivers and streams? Can you name it?

7) Have you ever seen a 'Cock Winder'? It's the Norfolk term for a handsome dabbling duck which grazes and winters in large numbers around the UK, which duck is it?

8) I always hope to see a 'Cow Clit' every spring but now I'm not so sure! Phew don't worry it's actually a Norfolk term for this delightful migrant wagtail as it snaps at insects along the Fens. Can you name it?

9) "Arse Foot" is of Italian origin for this family of diving birds that are renowned for their courtship displays and their exquisite breeding colours, can you name them?

10) 'Ess Cock' is a North Eastern Scottish term for this dapper bird of fast flowing rivers, what is it?

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