Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Chough Junior Bird Name Quiz

The first in our series of quizzes, can you name the birds from these quirky titles from the past? Have fun! Please feel free to comment on the blog post with your answers and we will post the correct answers tomorrow !

1) Well I never knew that a  'Horse Masher' is an old Cornish term for this early migrant Chat, what is it? 

2) Luckily I've never had a 'Horny Wink' but did you know it's is also the Cornish name for a smart looking Plover, can you guess what it is? 

3) I always thought it was something else but in fact a 'Muffie' is an old Scottish Term for this dapper migrant Sylvia Warbler which will arrive back to England in a week or two, do you know which one?

4) I've certainly been shown 'Two Fingers' once or twice in my life however it's also the Sussex name for this diminutive scuttling garden bird, but which one is it?

5) I've never really heard the term " Wind F#cker' before? Who'd have thought it was an old Northern for one of our native Falcon's. Can you guess which one it is?

6) 'Quick me dick ' 'Quick me dick' is an Oxfordshire saying describing the call of this tiny migrant game bird, but which one?

7) My favourite name so far! The 'Poke Pudding' is an old Gloucestershire name for this sociable Tit species, can you guess which one it is?

8) A 'Dull Willy' isn't a medical condition after all, in fact it's an East Anglian name for this handsome beach dwelling Plover, can you name it?

9) I was worried I might have to eat this in lockdown but actually 'Magot Pie' is a 17th century Shakespearean term for which clever corvid?

10) I guess ' Jet Cock' comes from this birds habit of flushing just before you stand on it whilst walking through a flooded field or marsh, can you name it?

Part Two of The Quiz to come on Friday  so watch this space!

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