Saturday, 16 May 2020

Warbler Sound Quiz Part 2: Sylvia Warblers

Eastern Subalpine Warbler - Gary Thoburn

For the second instalment of our sound quizzes we will be looking at the Sylvia Warbler family. In a UK context this familiar group of warblers are a mixture of long distance migrants, rare vagrants and a single resident. As we all know they can be skulky and difficult to view in their favoured habitat of dense vegetation and having the knowledge of their songs is a great time saver when counting breeding pairs on a local patch. Being aware of some of the rarer species songs will also one day hopefully pay off as rare Sylvia Warblers that turn up in spring have a tendency to be singing males.

Spectacled Warbler by Gary Thoburn

Some of the Sylvia's in this sound quiz have only recently been given full species status and it's been a learning curve for me producing this! As always I will post the answers shortly which will include a write up on each species song and explain what for me makes them distinctive and unique. I will also be including some sonograms in the answers for the more difficult species as recording bird song and analysing them on a computer has become a key part of sound recognition in birding and on a scientific level and has been something I'm getting to grips with myself since lockdown and I am not an expert but I feel it's part of the future of birding so hopefully you can learn with me along the way!

Common Whitethroat Paul Ash

We hope you enjoy the quiz! Click below on the ten questions to have a go.

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