Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Colour ringed Common Ringed Plover from Norway @ Davidstow

I always love finding colour rings on any bird but when I saw a Ringed Plover at Davidstow I was itching to find out where it had come from , amazingly it was ringed in Norway ( 1465 km away! ) . It just shows how far all birds travel and we shouldn't take for granted how amazing migration is!

 Hi Robert,
Thank you very much for the report about Common Ringed Plover NSU. Its 
life history you find in the attachment. In the end of the attachment 
you find information about other colour ringing projects we work with, 

Best wishes
Kjell Mork Soot

Thank you very much for taking the time to report to us details of the sighting of a flagged Common Ringed Plover (Charadrius hiaticula). Information about this bird and its movement is given below:

Ring no: Stavanger 8B45217
Yellow flag NSU (Left tarsus metal ring. Left tibia: red colour ring. Right tibia: yellow flag with three black letters NSU engraved). :LAR:LBM:RAYN(NSU)F
Age/sex/biometric: M2K+ ( male, hatched 2013 or before).Wing134 mm. Weight: 47,4 g.
Ringing date: 31.08.2014, 10 hrs.
Ringing place: Makkevika (62*30'N-006*02'E) Giske, Giske, Møre & Romsdal, Norway.
Remarks: Caught in mist net at our wader station (Giske Ornithological Station).
Ringer: Kjell Mork Soot / Sunnmøre Ringing Group.

Finding date: 10.09.2016.
Observed: Davidstow Airfield (50*39'N-004*36W) Cornwall, England
Remarks: Observed by Robert Bosisto.
Distance:1465 km SSW. Direction: 211 deg.Time : 2-0-10 (2 years-10 days after ringing).

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