Thursday, 8 September 2016

Walmsley Sanctuary

It looks like tonight was our last work party for the summer at Walmsley , we have achieved a great amount and the new part of the reserve is really starting to take shape.... The diggers have been in the reserve for several weeks now and have started to create new ponds , scrapes and ditches. I am sure it will be a great success and will provide another type of habitat for what is already a great reserve. In between working we saw a Juvenile Garganey an Adult Spoonbill , 1 Curlew ,1 Snipe , 2 Black-tailed Godwits , 1 Green Sandpiper and 1 Kingfisher , I left my camera at home which will teach me! But hopefully a photo of the Spoonbill to come from Dave Thomas which I will post when it arrives...

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