Saturday, 10 September 2016

Juvenile Caspian Gull? Siblyback

This Juvenile / 1st Winter reminded me of a Caspian Gull in structure and most I.D features .White headed with an all dark rather parallel sided bill , a rather 'snouty' appearance to the head, tertial pattern rather worn but solid dark at the bases ( look at the Herring Gull's tertial pattern behind. ) Quite clean underneath ( but is it clean enough?) and although you can't see this in the photo the undertail coverts where clean and not heavily barred . It looked rather contrasty when it put it's wings up and the nice black tail band with a clean white rump showed , I couldn't see the underwing which was annoying . I'm no Caspian expert , having claimed 5 birds in 12 years of serious gulling and I've never seen a juvenile in September so I'm kind of sitting on the fence for now, but any feedback would be appreciated...

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